An invitation from the President of Florint, Mark Ward HMBFA

I would very much like to welcome you to the beautiful city of Sint Truiden and the Florint Eurofleurs Competition 2017. Eurofleurs is the Young European Floristry Competition organised every four years by the International Florist Organisation, Florint, and this year in partnership with our Belgium members the Royal Union of Belgian Florists (KUFB-URFB).

Florint are delighted to be working closely with our Belgian members and their team to bring to you three days of spectacular floristry designs produced by some of the top young florists from across Europe. This is the second time since the first Eurofleurs competition held in Great Britain in 1998 that Belgium have hosted the event, the last time was in Brussels in 2008 and if that was anything to go by then we are in for a real treat again.

Eurofleurs is such an important competition as it is a springboard for young up and coming designers to gain sound knowledge and experience, with encouragement and support for them to go onto bigger events in the future. It’s not all about the winning that matters, it’s about the taking part, the camaraderie amongst these young people is quite something and they can learn from each other, not just about flowers and designs but also other cultures and traditions, styles and languages. But there is no more an emotional language than the power of flowers. Flowers bring people together, make people smile, stir emotions and challenge prejudices. I am sure that we will see some fabulous designs at Eurofleurs in Sint Truiden.

My heartfelt thanks go to our many sponsors and partners. In Sint Truiden, the KUFB-URFB, the City Council, and many local organisations who have all come together and embraced this event. Without them and our sponsors we would not be able to host this event. We would also not have an event if it was not for the competitors, their assistants, the Technical Committee (TC) and Judges, all of who hold the Florint Judges Certificate.

I do hope that you will be able to join us for the competition and I wish all the competitors the very best of luck and may the best young florist win.